JCR Committee






Lee Robertson



Hi there – I’m Lee, Selwyn’s JCR President. I’m here to ensure the JCR runs smoothly and represents the interests of Selwyn undergraduates College- and University-wide as effectively as possible. On the College level, I am responsible for organising Committee meetings, open meetings, Hustings, elections and representing the student body in discussions with Fellows. On the University level, I will be liaising with CUSU throughout the year, before we have our vote on whether to re-affiliate in Michaelmas Term. If there is anything I can help you with, or point you in the right direction of, please get in touch!


Vice President

Ellen McPherson


Hi, I’m Ellen and as Vice President, it’s my job to support Lee and the rest of committee in the smooth running of the JCR. This year, I’ll focus particularly on getting the most out of our relationship with CUSU, making sure everyone’s well informed for the affiliation referendum in Michaelmas. I’ll also host Teashop each week, and keep everyone informed about the actions of the JCR through weekly Selwinfo updates. I’m excited for the year ahead!

Phil Sansom


 Hi, I’m Phil. It’s my job to keep the JCR’s finances running smoothly. If you ever need to be paid back for stuff like emergency taxis or bike lights then I’m the one to contact! I’m committed to keeping the JCR friendly and approachable, so feel free to email me about anything – whether it’s financial issues, reimbursements or any questions relating to accounts.



Dan Snowden


 I’m Dan, your local computing officer. I aim to provide a service fixing your computers and updating this website. Contact me if you have any technical problems and I’ll see what I can do.



Charlotte Owens


Hello, I’m Charlotte, one of Selwyn’s Access Officers. Gaia and I are here to encourage prospective applicants from ALL backgrounds to apply to Cambridge, especially those who are not familiar with Oxbridge or the application process. I went to a state comprehensive in West Yorkshire, and I’m the first in my family to attend University. I’ve loved my time at Selwyn, despite my uncertainty when applying. If you’re a prospective applicant, or an offer holder, then do not hesitate to get in touch using the email address below 🙂


Gaia Lambert


Hi, I’m Gaia, and I’m one of the Access Officers along with Charlotte. We’re both really keen to encourage as many people as possible to apply to Selwyn, particularly those of disadvantaged or minority backgrounds, and we’re hoping to work closely with CUSU, our new Access Committee and the College to make sure this happens!


Accommodation & Services

Eleanor Cavill


 Hi, I’m Eleanor and I’m the JCR Accommodation and Services Officer. If you have any questions about accommodation at Selwyn, any queries related to hall/the bar, or any ideas about how living at Selwyn could be improved then feel free to get in touch.

Education & Development

Clement Moylan


 Hey I’m Clement – second year physicist. I have two jobs on the JCR, (1) to be the Development Officer – this means building relationships between the JCR and other bodies, particularly college, alumni, the MCR and other third parties. My most important role, from the point of you of college members is (2) being the Education Officer, and this means ensuring their is an adequate provision of educational support, from college and from other students. The subjects reps all report to me, so please either contact them or me if you need any help or have any questions. I am committed to furthering your educational well-being and targeting your academic concerns.

Green & Ethics

Steph Friend


Hi, I’m Steph and as Green and Ethics officer I am here to make it as easy as possible for everyone within Selwyn to make environmentally friendly choices in their everyday lives, as well as increasing awareness and engagement with Green and ethical issues in our community. Please get in touch if you have suggestions or would like to get involved!


Clubs & Societies

Jacob Lange


Hey, I’m Jacob and I am your Clubs and Societies officer, its my job to inform you of the clubs and societies on offer, to help in their set up and funding and to publicise them in any way I can. If you would like to set up a club or have any questions about a pre existing one feel free to message! I’m also in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the gym for all of its users.



Keir Baker


 Hi, I’m Keir, and I have the exciting job of keeping you up to date with all the various happenings in and around Selwyn, Cambridge and beyond. I send out weekly bulletins, complete with puzzles and shocking banter, to all the undergraduates so if there is anything you want Selwyn students to know, zoom it over my way!


Josh Jones


Hi I’m Josh and with Seb I’m in charge of the various events and entertainments in the college.



Seb Wride


Hi I’m Seb and with Josh I’m in charge of the various events and entertainments in the college.



Oonagh Shiels


Hi, I’m Oonagh! With Sam we are your Freshers’ Reps who will represent you and be responsible for you settling in to Selwyn. We will make sure you all have a great Freshers week and organise other events such as Marriage formal. Make sure to get in touch with us before you arrive if you have any questions 🙂



Sam Pettinger-Harte


 Hi, I’m Sam, one of your Freshers’ Reps along with Oonagh. Our job is to make sure you enjoy Selwyn life and feel as happy and comfortable as possible. We will be organising Fresher’s week and representing fresher opinions on the JCR. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any problem (big or small!) during your time in Cambridge, or before you arrive here.

Female Welfare

Elena Cornaro


I’m Elena, in my second year of HSPS and Selwyn’s Female Welfare officer for this year. I’m here to provide support and representation for any welfare concerns you may have. Each week I hold open hours where anyone is welcome to have a chat and access any welfare supplies (contraception, pregnancy tests, lube etc). Together with the male welfare officer, we organise events to maintain welfare and happiness. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there’s anything at all you need 🙂


Male Welfare

Alex Goldin


Hi I’m Alex and I’m here to support you with any problems you may have and represent student welfare across the college. I have open hours every week where anyone can drop by to pick up welfare supplies or come for a chat and some tea and biscuits. Alongside the female welfare officer I work to maintain wellbeing and welfare in college. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Ted Mackay


 I am here to advise the JCR on LGBT+ issues, and also be a welfare officer, primarily for those in the LGBT+ community at Selwyn, but also for anyone who needs help, advice, or contraception. I am also here to organise LGBT+ themed ents, and will liase with the ents officers and freshers reps to make sure this happens.

Gender Equality

Eleanor Salter


 Hello! I’m Eleanor, the Gender Equality Officer – I’m here to help out, alongside the Welfare and LGBT Officers, with anything relating to gender and sexuality in college. I am always happy to chat so any questions/proposals/issues please direct them my way!


Shriya Mahawar


Hi, I’m Shriya and I represent the international community at Selwyn. Moving to a different country can be extremely intimidating so it is my job to help internationals integrate and find a home away from home! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!:)


Rachel Wang


Hey! I’m the Ethnic Minorities/ BME officer this year and my role is to promote cultural understanding through holding events and discussions as well as facilitating spaces to talk about race. It is also my job to ensure that the voices of all BME students are heard and represented. As long as you are a self-proclaimed ethnic minority, please feel free to contact me about any problems or even talk to me about racial issues!


Bronte Cook


Hi, I’m Bronte, and my role as Disabilities Officer is to represent the needs of students in college who self-define as having a disability, be that physical or mental. I’m also here in a welfare capacity, so if any of you want to message me or come and have a confidential chat, don’t hesitate! No problem is too big, nor too small.