International Students 2018

In 2017, Selwyn welcomed 123 undergraduates. Among them were many foreign students, showing the college’s commitment to its global reputation.

Countries represented in addition to Britain were Australia, Austria, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, New Zealand, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden and the USA.

Selwyn has been a very welcoming environment for those international students: from the international freshers’ week to the international storage, along with an administrative staff always ready to help.

International Freshers’ Week (IFW)
In 2018, the IFW will start on September 24th. It is not a requirement to attend, but it’s always nice to familiarise yourself with Cambridge to make sure you start Michaelmas with confidence.
CUSU has organised events throughout the university, but Selwyn will have its own. We are working on the programme and will make it soon available.
Please make sure to check the college knows when you arrive!

International Storage
You are probably worried about how you will store your belongings during the break. Since it is complicated for international students to pack everything and bring it home, Selwyn has a few options:

  • for breaks during the academic year, you can store your belongings in a overhead cupboard in your room. There is one in each room. Most of your stuff should fit in here.
  • if not everything fits, the JCR has arrangements with the college to have storage rooms. Please note that they often require to submit a request to use those three weeks prior to the end of term.
  • finally, during the summer break, you cannot store your things in your own room as it will not be the same the following year. You will have to use the storage rooms chosen by the college and the JCR.

Visa and Immigration
The university has clear guidelines about everything you need to know for this. Here is the most useful link:
Of course, if you have any problem, do contact the college or the university!

The Snowball !
Each year, Selwyn hosts a snowball on the last Friday of Michaelmas. We’d like as many Selwyn students to attend, so make sure you do not book your flight too early!

iCUSU stands for “International Cambridge University Students’ Union”. They are very helpful when it comes to welcoming and helping international students throughout their time in Cambridge. Here is a booklet they produced to familiarise students with Cambridge before they arrive:

If you have any other question about Selwyn, Cambridge, or more general concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me! My name is Ariane and I’m the Selwyn International Officer for 2017/2018. My email is 

I hope to see you soon!