Floats and Reimbursements


  • Located at the Porters’ lodge, ask them

Taxi Float

  • A short-term lending service
  • Used when students have taken a taxi back to Selwyn with no other way to pay for it
  • Repay the amount borrowed fully in notes within 24 hours (Do not repay in coins, keep any change from the taxi driver)
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Emergency Transport Fund - loaned amount must be repaid before any claim can be considered

Funds & Reimbursements

  • To make a claim for any of the funds and reimbursements below, leave a signed copy of the receipt/proof of purchase, with your name, CRSid, & bank details (or a request for cash), in Boris Fornarkov’s pigeon hole, or send it to him by email along with bank details.
  • Get in touch with the JCR treasurer ([email protected]) if you have any questions

Bike Safety Fund

  • Bike lights, 2 claims a year, up to £10 per claim
  • Helmet, 1 claim a year, up to £15 per claim
  • Bike lock, 1 claim a year, up to £15 per claim

Emergency Transport Fund

  • Taxi home at night in case of emergency, up to £10 per claim.
  • Taxi/Bus to/from A&E, up to £15 per claim.Bike Safety Fund

Career-Based Travel Expenses Fund

  • This fund makes a contribution towards travel expenses for events related to careers, such as interviews, networking events etc.
  • This fund is not intended for use in cases where travel expenses are covered by the organisers of the event.

Gender Expression Fund