Floats and Reimbursements


  • Located at the Porters’ lodge, ask them

Taxi Float

  • A short-term lending service
  • Used when students have taken a taxi back to Selwyn with no other way to pay for it
  • Repay the amount borrowed fully in notes within 24 hours (Do not repay in coins, keep any change from the taxi driver)
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Emergency Transport Fund - loaned amount must be repaid before any claim can be considered

Funds & Reimbursements

  • To make a claim for any of the funds and reimbursements below, leave a signed copy of the receipt/proof of purchase, with your name, CRSid, & bank details (or a request for cash), in Boris Fornarkov’s pigeon hole, or send it to him by email along with bank details.
  • Get in touch with the JCR treasurer ([email protected]) if you have any questions

Bike Safety Fund

  • Bike lights, 2 claims a year, up to £10 per claim
  • Helmet, 1 claim a year, up to £15 per claim
  • Bike lock, 1 claim a year, up to £15 per claim

Emergency Transport Fund

  • Taxi home at night in case of emergency, up to £10 per claim.
  • Taxi/Bus to/from A&E, up to £15 per claim.Bike Safety Fund

Career-Based Travel Expenses Fund

  • This fund makes a contribution towards travel expenses for events related to careers, such as interviews, networking events etc.
  • This fund is not intended for use in cases where travel expenses are covered by the organisers of the event.

Gender Expression Fund

  • The Gender Expression Fund offers to reimburse students for items which they might use in making themselves more comfortable with their gender presentation, such as (but not limited to) wigs, binders, concealing underwear and so on.
  • To access this fund, please fill out this anonymous form: https://form.jotform.com/200602777087053