French Foodies of Selwyn

Lina Norder (lhn23) Eddy Sidebotham (eps30)

We are a group of friends (three regular members) who meet once a week to experience culinary adventures whilst practicing our spoken French. In Michaelmas Term we had the privilege of hosting some native speakers from different colleges, which has proven really helpful in improving our language skills. We take turns preparing delicious meals for the rest of the club, and after dinner retreat to watch European films - usually French, German or Scandinavian to broaden our cultural horizons (we're very remain). Currently Sweden, Ireland and Australia is represented. Recent successes: - Cooked what was probably the best meal ever prepared on Selwyn grounds in the form of a delicious haloumi burrito (message us for photos) - We are also very environmentally aware - we once fed three people with ingredients from a bin (don't worry - we washed it) If you're at a high level of spoken French and are a talented cook with access to a large gyp then join the French Foodies of Selwyn!