Selwyn College Boat Club

President: Dominic Bridge (dib30), Theo Fitzpatrick (tpwf2) Men’s Captain: Hal Muttom (hrm61), Women’s Captain: Charlie Scholes (cjs228)

SCBC comprises of men’s and women’s squads that train both on and off the water approximately 4 times per week. We welcome novice rowers throughout the year, and specifically have a large intake every Michaelmas term. The main competitions are May and Lent Bumps, in addition to Fairbairns head race in December and multiple ergo competitions throughout the year. We have recently celebrated success in the 2016 men’s boat going up 6 places in May Bumps! SCBC prides itself on being a friendly and inclusive club, and welcomes anybody from Selwyn to join. We aim to create a healthy but competitive atmosphere for all experience levels! Facebook Website Twitter