Selwyn College Natural Sciences Society

Theo Brook (tsb38)

We arrange 'stash' for our members and provide a structure of pastoral support, guidance, advice and mentorship. We organise regular 'swaps' with other scientific and philosophical societies around the university, as well as with other Selwyn societies. This a usually a 'formal swap' in that their society will host us at their main college for Formal Hall, and then in return we will host them for Formal at Selwyn. Additionally we have a fantastically popular Annual Black Tie Dinner to which we invite all the 'NatSci' members of the JCR, MCR and SCR, in addition to excellent speakers, alumni. We welcome into our membership first-year Chemical Engineers and Computer Scientists, third-year Medicine and Veterinary Medicine students, and masters or doctoral students researching a scientific field. We round off the academic year with an annual May Week Garden Party. Facebook