Committee Members

Ashley Fox-Wiltshire

Access Officer

Hi everyone!! My name is Ashley (she/her), I am a first year medic and one of your access officers this year! My role is to ensure that Selwyn is as accessible as possible for both prospective and current students; particularly those from widening participation backgrounds. This year we aim to achieve this through outreach events (in a COVID-safe manner), improving Selwyn's social media presence and collaborating with schemes, such as Class Act. If you have any questions regarding access or would like to get involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or Khadeja! :)

Bella Cross

Gender Equality Officer

Hi, I’m Bella (she/her), a history and politics student! This year, I’m excited to work closely with Femsoc and the CUSU women’s campaign, prioritising an intersectional approach in the push for equality within Selwyn. Whilst continuing to raise awareness of gender-based issues, a big focus of mine will be to promote the safety of students and lobby for an improvement on the college’s reports procedure. If you have any questions, concerns or just fancy a chat please feel free to contact me.

Ben Hollingdale

Welfare Officer

Hi there! I’m Ben, a second-year bio natsci and one of two welfare officers on the JCR committee. I’m hoping that I can be a friendly face around college to anyone who needs support. I’ll be running a drop-in welfare hour from 5-6pm every Sunday (in and out of term time) but you can also contact me outside of my welfare hours and I’ll always find a time for a chat! I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the committee and speaking to as many of you as possible to make sure your interests are being heard.

Finn Callow

Communications Officer

Hello! I'm Finn, a second-year law student at Selwyn. My role in communications consists of keeping everyone at college in the loop about everything that is going on. I plan on sending out weekly emails to let everyone know of upcoming events and what we as a JCR are doing for the college community. I will also be working with other members of the JCR committee to ensure everyone's voice is heard. My goal for 2021 is spreading more connectivity at college, especially where this has been such a challenge in the past year.

Harry Mayne

Ents Officer

Hi! I’m Harry a second year Economist and I’m delighted to be one of your Ents officers. Jake and I have big things planned for Ents this year including walks, pizza nights, quiz nights, BOPs and more. Like how the 1918 Spanish Flu lead to the roaring 20s, 2021 at Selwyn is a year to look forward to. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions and follow us on instagram @selwynents.

Henry Campos (he/him)


Hi, I’m Henry, a second-year History student and the JCR Treasurer for 2021! I’m responsible for managing the JCR’s finances and our several funds, floats, and reimbursement schemes. During my tenure, my central aim is to assist Selwyn students through any financial crisis or barrier to entry they may experience in these difficult times. If you’re seeking a specific JCR reimbursement, or believe we can help you with an expense, don’t hesitate to get in contact! I will handle your enquiry quickly and confidentially. Another priority is increasing the transparency of the JCR’s expenditure, I will publish breakdowns of our spending throughout the year and would love to answer any queries you may have! As a member of the College Council and Governing Body, I also represent student voices to College figures. I am therefore keen to hear any recommendations for how the issues affecting life at Selwyn can be better addressed!

Issy Roberts (she/her)


Hello! My name’s Issy. I’m your JCR President and a 2nd year HSPS student. I chair weekly JCR Committee meetings and work closely with committee members to achieve their goals. I also represent all Selwyn undergrads to the College and work to connect our JCR with Selwyn's MCR and the other college's JCRs. I have a few key aims for the year ahead. The main one is to strive for a more ethical and sustainable college, which will include campaigning for Selwyn to divest fully from the fossil fuel industry and pushing for the college to introduce a college counsellor. I also want to make our JCR as transparent and engaged with students as possible and be a fair and representative voice for all students. Finally, I want to ensure that Selwyn take a compassionate approach to COVID policy which prioritises our wellbeing (particularly those in isolation) and encourages everyone to act responsibly. Please do get in contact with me if you have any suggestions, concerns or just want a chat - my door is always open! (p.s. the photo is me struggling against the wind in my JCR election campaign video!)

Jake Berry

Ents Officer

Hello Selwyn! I’m Jake, a second year Natural Scientist (physical), and I am delighted to be one of your Ents officers for 2021. Harry and I aim to provide a range of events which cater for all. We both recognised that a healthy work-life balance was difficult to achieve at times last year, thanks to Covid, and our goal for 2021 is to organise events which help to put this right! Free time is so precious during term and we will do our best to ensure you are not wasting it! Be sure to give the Insta a follow - @selwynents.

Khadeja Shebani

Access Officer

Hii, I’m a first year lawyer and one of the access officers this year! Ashley and I are looking forward to doing more to increase Selwyn’s access and inclusion for prospective students from disadvantaged backgrounds, including working with the CU on the shadowing scheme and starting a Selwyn access day. We also hope to connect students who have benefitted from access schemes after they arrive at Cambridge to help in the transition. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions and we’ll get back to you! :))

Krystian Schneyder

Accommodation and Services

Hi! I’m Krystian, second year HSPS student. As Accommodation and Services Officer, I am here to make sure that our everyday needs are met. The goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and safe in College and for services, such as Hall, to run smoothly throughout the year. Furthermore, as Accommodation Officer I am responsible for running the room ballot. Do not hesitate to contact me with any issues you may have regarding your accommodation or the College in general. Looking forward to the challenge ahead.

Maisy Redmayne (she/her)

Welfare Officer

Hello all! My name is Maisy, a first year VetMed. I’m very excited to be one of your welfare officers for 2021! I hold weekly welfare hours; Wednesday 5.30 – 6.30 pm (online for now) so please do drop in for a quick chat or so I can point you in the right direction for further support. Though I’m more than happy to chat outside of these hours, if you’d prefer something in person we can organise a walk. As welfare officer I hope to reduce the stigma around sexual health and make access to support as easy as possible for everyone at Selwyn. I’m always here to have a chat and listen to suggestions of how the welfare team could do better, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Marcus Handley

Computing Officer

Hi! I'm Marcus, a first year CompSci at Selwyn. I'm the computing officer at Selwyn, and working on creating a new JCR website that will stand the test of time and allow students to more effectively get information about the college and access support. In particular, I'm thinking very hard about how access to our amazing welfare team can be done quickly, efficiently, securely, and anonymously if required. I'm actually from Perth, West Australia which by some metrics is the most isolated major city in the world (and by all metrics beautiful). If you have any ideas for useful features or any feedback and suggestions at all then please please do reach out. Also, while some many disparage Computer Science as "an IT Degree", if weird IT problems are getting in the way of your study, I'd be happy to give you hand! For whatever reason, feel free to reach out via WhatsApp, Facebook or email

Matty Hambling

Freshers' Rep

Hi, I'm Matty and I’m a first-year economist. I am really excited to start working as one of your freshers' reps this year. We aim above all to be approachable and friendly and to ease the transition of incoming freshers this year. We have some great plans for the coming freshers' week and want to help to reconnect different year-groups within the college and build a stronger community following the pandemic. Feel free to contact myself or Mim with any questions!

Melina Geser-Stark

Clubs & Societies Officer

Hey! My name’s Melina (she/her) and I’m a first year HSPS student. I am really excited to start working as your clubs and society officer. While I will be focused on helping to revitalise clubs during and post covid restrictions, my primary aim will be increase the role societies play in improving our welfare. In doing so, I am eager to improve the diversity of our societies and clubs so if you are interested in starting a new society please feel free to contact me!

Mim Standring

Freshers' Rep

Hiya Selwyn! I'm Mim, a first-year History student, and one of the two Freshers' Reps on the JCR committee. Whilst we would love to host big events for current and coming freshers, our plans are also flexible and adaptable to COVID 19 restrictions. We hope, above all, to be friendly faces that Freshers feel they can come to either in person or by email so feel free to message either one of us if you have any questions/ideas/suggestions! We look forward to being on the JCR committee 2021!

Nina Adriano

Green, Ethics and Faiths Officer

Heya, I’m Nina and I’m a second-year Engineering student here at Selwyn! As your JCR Green, Ethics and Faiths Officer, I aim to make college as sustainable, inclusive and considerate as it can be. I plan to increase student awareness of how we can adopt greener, more ethical practices in our day-to-day lives as well as working with the college on ways in which we can contribute to the wider picture of climate-change mitigation. I would also like to ensure students of all faith groups in college feel, and are, equally represented, by collaborating with other members of the JCR and giving the opportunity for all student voices to be heard. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

Owen Cooper (he/him)

Disabled Students' Officer

Hello! My name is Owen Cooper (he/him) and I am a first year Physical Natural Sciences student. As your JCR Disabled Students' Officer for 2021, I am committed to supporting mental health and representing students with disabilities. As a member of the JCR Welfare team, I am passionate about collaboration with all members of the JCR committee on issues relating to my role. During my term, I intend to commission a complete and up to date, "Access Audit", for Selwyn College. I also wish to increase the accessibility of applications to the College for disabled students. I will keep all my policies under constant review and revise them upon your recommendations. Feel free to come to my online welfare hours which will be held every Saturday from 19:00-20:00 via Zoom. Email me via my [email protected] email address at any time if you need to contact me outside my welfare hours.

Poppy Robinson

Vice President

Hiya! I'm Poppy (she/her) and your JCR Vice-President! I vote on behalf of Selwyn at SU motions and I'll be posting the relevant details for each vote on the JCR instagram so please get in touch if you have any thoughts :)) Alongside supporting the president in ensuring students are looked after by college throughout covid-19, I also sit on a number of committees and am focusing on increasing the social media presence of the JCR this year. If you have any questions drop me a message!

Ryan Kinkela

BAME Officer

Hi, I’m Ryan, a first year medic and your BAME Officer! I will be responsible for helping students of ethnic minorities settle into Selwyn by acting as a first port of call for any concerns they may have. Furthermore, I hope to encourage open discussions on race through race reading groups, whilst also celebrating diversity either in person or on social media. My welfare hours are 5:00 to 6:00 on Tuesdays, but if anyone wants to talk, my door is always open, or, more appropriately, my laptop is always on!

Samara Shahjahan

Development and Education Officer

Hey! I’m Samara, and I’m a second year medic here at Selwyn. As your Development and Education officer my main goals this year will be to support all students through concerns of an academic nature and make information regarding exam appeals, changing tripos, work experience and other academic matters as accessible as possible. I’ll be your representative to college council, the library committee and Cambridge SU meetings to help further the educational wellbeing of the undergraduate student body. Feel free to message or email me with any concerns and questions you may have!

Sherwood Cheung

International Officer

Hi! I'm Sherwood (he/him) and I am a first-year HisPol student and your international officer! My role consists of speaking for Selwyn's internationals on the university-wide International Student Council and representing international concerns and needs inside of college. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing process of Brexit and beyond, I will be fighting for Selwyn to take a more transparent and streamlined approach to international issues whilst being mindful of their mental health and their special concerns. In my term I will continue my predecessors' efforts to create an inclusive and diverse student community and raise awareness about wider problems of discrimination and hate that continue to disproportionately affect international students. I am always open for a chat, and if you have any concerns, questions or issues that you want raised to the college or the wider university community, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do everything I can to help!

Ted Kehoe

LGBT+ Officer

Hey everyone! I’m Ted (he/him), a first year Natural Scientist, and I’m your LGBTQ+ Officer for 2021! I’m here to ensure that LGBTQ+ students are represented and have a voice on the JCR, and I’ll also be organising events for LGBTQ+ students throughout the year. One of my main goals for this year is to set up an LGBTQ+ family scheme, so that freshers can hit the ground running with meeting people like them. As a member of the Welfare Team I’m here for all students (regardless of if you identify as LGBTQ+ or not) to discuss any welfare concerns they might have. My weekly welfare hours are Thursday 18:00-19:00, but if you drop me an email I’m more than happy to have a chat outside those hours!